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NearbyGamers is a site for tabletop gamers to find other players for games like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, and any other game you need a real, live person on the other side of the table to play.

ListLibrary provides free, highly-readable mailing list archives. It presents each discussion on a page in its entirety for easy reading, and has keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation.

It archives more than 1.3 million messages as of March 2009, with many more to come.

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Barking Stapler is a small company that builds highly interactive websites. We are also available on a limited basis to consult on the creation or maintenance of existing dynamic websites; see below for more information.


You can send email or just use the form below.


Barking Stapler focuses on games and online communities but is available for design and development work on kinds of website.

Design services can include analysis of existing designs, technical prototyping, game design, and community planning.

On the backend, I primarily work with Ruby on Rails for the unparalleled power and development speed it offers, though my skills include Django, Python, and PHP.

I've also spent thousands of hours working on the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make a site look "just right" and can, as one of the worst party tricks ever, diagnose page layout errors that have stumped others for hours in under a minute.